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Tumblr Themes

Warning: A lot of these themes are quite buggy! I made all of these between 2010 and 2014. As such, they do not reflect my current web design / front-end development abilities.

I also do not intend to develop these any further myself, but if you are so inclined, feel free to submit a pull request and I'll look it over.


Unless Tumblr changes dramatically from here on out, here's how to do it as of February 2017:

  1. Copy the entire text of the theme you want from the "code" folder in this repo
  2. Visit{yourblogurlname}
  3. Click on "Edit HTML"
  4. Select all, then replace with the code you copied.

Some themes can also be installed from the Tumblr's official theme repository, as noted below.



ALL-NIGHTER screenshot

Meant to format your posts in MLA style. Extreme (bad) skeuomorphism. I remember making this intentionally ugly. Also available on Tumblr's official theme repository.


Bucharest screenshot

Drab colors/background can be changed. Chat posts don't render very well in this one. Also available on Tumblr's official theme repository.

.blog theme

.blog theme screenshot

gray days

gray days screenshot

Chronologically first. Also available on Tumblr's official theme repository.


gvk screenshot

Tumblr's theme repository rejected this one because it didn't meet their "aesthetic standards." I still can't see what was so bad about it.

Hover Theme

hover theme screenshot

Most customizable of these themes; you can even pick a tag whose posts you want to hide from the output. Features (and in fact relies on) infinite scroll.


monopixel screenshot

With Style

With Style screenshot

Background can be changed, among other things. Can be made less skeuomorphic. Also available on Tumblr's official theme repository.

"If these are so old/awful, why post them (now)?"

Good question!

  • I am 90% sure I won't be pursuing a career in web design, so I feel confident that these won't be held against me.
  • A lot of these themes were only "bad" because they couldn't handle mobile very well. Tumblr recently (ok, a couple years ago) introduced special mobile-only theming, which fixes this issue.
  • It's been a while since I've had the time/energy to make things for fun and this is me getting back into it.