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KeePassX Takeout

A PHP command line utility for converting from the KeePassX XML format to other password manager formats.


  • PHP 5.5.14+ (untested on previous versions, but will probably work on 5.0.1+)
  • Unix-like filesystem


  1. Export your KeePassX database to XML format
  2. Run php kpx-takeout.php -- output_format (flags) /path/to/xmlfile.xml (/path/to/output.ext) in your shell of choice
  • Paths can be either absolute or relative
  • The output path can be either a file or a directory, in which case the output file will be named [format]-import.[ext]
  • If no output path is specified, the current directory will be used; this is the directory from which the script is run, which may not be the directory where kpx-takeout.php or your input file is located
  • Flag options:
    • -o will overwrite an existing file at the output location, if it exists. If a directory is specified as the output location and this flag is not set, the script will create a new file with a datestamp appended.
    • -v will verbosely output information to the console. When this flag is unset, the program will only output errors.
  1. Import the output file into your password manager of choice
  2. Delete both the unencrypted export and import files after you're done with them!!!

Supported Output Formats & Notes

  • LastPass CSV (lastpass)
    • LastPass does not support nested folders. As of right now, neither does this script.
  • PasswordSafe TXT (passwordsafe)
    • PasswordSafe does not support group names with periods in them, so the script will automatically replace any periods with hyphens.


This software is licensed under the GPL v2.0 License.